Thoughts On Knots

People who lay in our bean bag hammocks ask us why we use knots instead of sewing a sleeve on the ends of the hammocks for a rope to pass through. One reason is that, frankly, we owe it to knots. Without knots civilization wouldn't have expanded beyond the stone age. Ships wouldn't have sailed, armies wouldn't have had archers, and forget about shoes. We would all be wearing clogs. 


Knots have helped civilization in more ways than exploration, killing each other and making fashion statements. The Original Beanbag Hammock Company utilizes this ancient method that was once the basis for precolumbian hammocks in our sleek, modern and, above all, comfortable bean bag hammocks. And the more people try our hammocks, the more reason civilization has to be thankful for knots. 

But, why knots?

Why not? A good knot can hold more strain than anything sewn. Think about it for a second... each seam has to punch a thousand tiny holes in the fabric to become workable. That's why cheap clothing comes apart at the seams and quality clothing claims to be "triple stitched". We prefer to avoid stitching all together. Frankly, knots are stronger than seams. 

What kind of knots?

We use two knots. The first one is to tie the rope together. That is a hunter knot and is not commonly used in the real world because it is very difficult to undo. That quality and the fact it uses a minimum of rope to tie makes it ideal for our hammocks. 

The second knot is a constrictor knot, and that is to tie the rope to the hammock. For those of you who might be familiar with a few knots, you can think of the constrictor knot as the big brother of the clove hitch, harder to release and tougher under strain. 

We decided on these two knots after significant testing with a dozen others. We tie each one by hand, dress them, set them and test them with the weight of three people. Your living room wall will collapse before these knots fail. 

Knots have been around since the beginning of mankind and will be here much longer than you or me. Love them, embrace them, just as our hammock will do to you every time you crawl inside.